My brief story

I was nurtured into the world of colours, nature and artistic expression by my mother. Her love of the out-of-doors, her flamboyant flare for decorating and her spontaneous joy of life shaped my interest in expressing nature through colours and sensation. Growing up in Lejeune which is a small village in the Lower Saint-Lawrence part of Quebec, allowed me freedom to explore the wonders of nature and my own creative expression.
It all started when I took a weaving class at the ‘Artisanat Chamard’ in Saint-Jean-Port -Joli  while studying woodcarving at  ‘La Vastringue’
​school . 

Initially the mathematical complexity of setting up the loom to produce a piece of art intrigued me. However, it was the joy of seeing the pattern scroll out  in front of me, the excitement of watching the colours intertwine and the joyful sensation of the pure wool in my fingers that held me in awe.  Years later, during a Quebec folk dance session, a member of our troupe arrived wearing, not the usual loom woven belt, but a beautiful finger woven sash in the traditional Assomption pattern.  It was love at first sight and I threw myself into learning the art of traditional finger weaving. Unlike
weaving on the loom,  in finger weaving  there was nothing between me and the medium. I could hold the soft, silky wool and marvel as the beautiful
interlacing colours flowed from my fingers to emerge as striking designs. The ancient art of transforming wool that was coloured to reflect the vibrant natural world  into an emblem depicting our ancestor’s history was in my hands. 

Years have passed since I was introduced to weaving. Despite a 40 year hiatus during which family and career interrupted my passion,  I have returned to this joyful pursuit. I love to know that I am preserving the legacy of the traditional finger weaving  art passed down through generations. At the same time I want to push the techniques to produce palpable textures that will attract touch and create movement; to explore colours that reflect the vibrant, ever changing face of nature. 

Finger weaving has become my poetry. 

Weaving / finger weaving

Brins d'arc-en-ciel